COVID-19 Travel Guidance & Testing Availability for Maimonides Employees

Stephern Allison, SVP of Integration & Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert Press, MD, EVP, Medical Affairs 

Thursday, December 23, 2021


Like many of you, we have watched with concern the rapid emergence of the Omicron variant. As healthcare professionals, remaining in good health during times like this will enable us to deliver on our mission and most effectively care for the patients and families we serve. To that end, we are updating and reminding all staff of our travel guidance and policy, and the process for obtaining COVID-19 testing on campus as appropriate.  



All international business-related travel is suspended until further notice. 


If you choose to proceed with personal international travel, and as a result must be out of work for COVID-19 quarantine related reasons you will be unpaid for the period of absence. 


Employees should use their discretion regarding domestic travel, as travel increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19. For more information about general travel restrictions, visit the CDC website.


Work from Home 

Employees will be permitted to continue to work from home at their manager’s discretion in accordance with our work from home policy.


COVID-19 Testing

Employees who are symptomatic and are in the workplace during EHS operating hours should notify their supervisor and go to EHS. 


For employees directed by EHS to obtain COVID-19 testing, these tests (PCR) are performed at Employee Health Services (EHS) Mon., Wed., Fri., 7am – 2:30pm, & Tues., Thurs., 10am – 5:30pm.


Employees who are symptomatic while at work and when EHS is closed (nights, holidays, weekends) should notify their supervisor and go the Emergency Department. The ED is not a traditional testing site, so employees will have to wait to be tested until staff is available to test them and not take away from actual ED patients. The ED will be doing PCR tests for screening under these circumstances. Rapid tests are only given to ill patients requiring admission and emergency treatment. 


Workplace Exposure

If an employee is exposed to COVID-19 positive patients/coworkers in the workplace, Infection Control notifies the employee and schedules two testing dates (two to three days and five to seven days from the last unmasked contact or exposure) at EHS.


Household Exposure

Any employee who has a household (non-work) exposure should contact EHS and will then be asked to provide a copy of a PCR test result to EHS. EHS will verify the address. At-home tests will not be accepted. 


Non-symptomatic exposed employees must obtain guidance from EHS prior to obtaining a test at Maimonides.  


At this time, employees must follow the processes described above in order to obtain testing at EHS or in the ED. 


For more information about employee testing, please contact Dina Gramegna at [email protected] or EHS at (718) 283- 8978. 


Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to patient care. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.